TIMOR  Dec. 1941 - Feb. 1942

Kupang town, West Timor

Kupang town canal

Kupang after allied bombing, 1945

Usapa Besar landing 12th Dec 1941

6-inch Mk XI gun at Klapalima

Timorese KNIL on exercise

Babau road, 1945

Kupang, Dutch West Timor

Kupang town market place

Penfui after end of the war

Usapa Besar coral jetty

Rangefinder hut, Klapalima

Usapa Besar A Coy. position

Usau Ridge, 1945

Kupang harbour

Penfui airstrip

Klapalima battery December 1941

Usapa Besar landing

 Hudson over Klapalima camp

Japanese soldier

 Capt. Roff's grave, 1945

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